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Charicare is a well-known division of Done Digital Group, committed to offering high-quality support for non-profits and helping them make more impact in communities across the world, advising a client portfolio responsible for US$350m+ in charitable funds per annum.

We help non-profits create better strategies for marketing, fundraising, operations, technology, and partnerships. Charicare’s diverse range of non-profit specific services make it one of the world’s largest NFP specific service agencies, and one of the world’s most internationally trusted non-profit service providers. 

We believe that our greatest strength is helping non-profits harness the best parts of their organizations by advising and supporting them to grow and make better choices that support our communities. By working with brands that want to make more impact, we know we can help them achieve their goals to benefit more people and serve more causes across the world.

We help charities do what they do best. Connect with supporters.
Project: The Plunket Foundation Annual Lottery    
Audience Size: 4m+     
Location: New Zealand, Nationwide
In 2018 we were approached by the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society and Plunket Foundation to help them design and deliver a large-scale nationwide fundraising project aimed at helping provide Plunket with additional funds to support their ongoing community support endeavours for Kiwi Kids.
We worked closely with the Plunket Foundation and their team to help design a winning strategy and framework for a National New Zealand based lottery to help raise $1,000,000+ during a specific 3 month period.
To successfully facilitate the operation of the fundraiser, Plunket Foundation partnered with Lions Clubs New Zealand and their 10,000 Voluntary Members across New Zealand to help sell $10 lottery tickets across every region of New Zealand.
The lottery consisted of a prize pool of over $380,000 worth of prizes, donated by businesses all across the country, including two brand new vehicles provided by Skoda New Zealand. Done Digital assisted Plunket to prepare, present, strategise, deliver, maintain, monitor, and audit the project across a 9-12 month period. 
Done Digital also sponsored Plunket $22,000 towards the campaign to create an online website and platform for hundreds of thousands of lottery entrants to discover the prizes available, and check their winning ticket details and information

...thank you for all your hard work. I can honestly say that the website is the best Plunket has been associated with...

Carolyn Mettrick,

Head of Partnerships & Fundraising 

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