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In 2020, we are right in the middle of the biggest technological advancement period since the discovery of electricity. In the 1960s, the biggest advancement in technology was the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer which helped control systems for the moon landing mission to successfully get Man on the Moon. Compare this to the phone you probably have in your hand right now. Your phone has over 1 million times more computing capability (literally) than the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer, and almost every single person on earth has access to one. Right now, the possibilities for using today's technology to support your business are endless. If you've got a challenge or a problem, there will be software that can help you solve it. 


Done Digital INFRADATA is a software research, development, and deployment service that allows you to source, develop, create, and deploy software solutions into your business to help support its operation. Some of these solutions you may already use like email, VoIP, video conferencing, CRM, CMS, Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Accounting Software. The INFRADATA team are technology specialists and problem solvers whose main priority is to connect businesses with intelligent software solutions to improve the way they do business.

Use intelligent software solutions to improve your business.
Source: Lions Clubs International
Project: Mobile App Deployment      Deployment Targets: 1,450,000+     
Location: Oakbrook, Chicago IL (USA)
In partnership with the US based app developer, Done Digital Infradata provided key strategic, analytical, and political policy based insight to Lions Clubs International (Chicago, USA) to help design and deploy a global app adoption program framework for the delivery of a member based application to 1.4M+ volunteers.
Manage your customers
Infradata has a number of customer-centric software solutions that help businesses understand and manage their customers better. These range from Customer Relationship Systems (CRM) all the way through to full-service Customer Management Systems (CMS) for Retail & Corporate Applications.
Enhance your Conversations
With the internet increasing the reach of businesses from local to global, technology plays a large part in how businesses stay connected. Audio, Chat, and Video communication solutions are a primary resource for forward-thinking businesses that need to stay connected from multiple locations.
Learn about
your business
Every business has data points that can help you understand how it's performing to track how improvements can be made. Infradata Business Intelligence Solutions support businesses in assessing their data through easy to understand visual analytics that help you intelligently track and strategise how to continuely improve your operations and enhance your revenue, increase your customer service, tackle inefficiencies, and become more profitable.

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